Training is
delivered at our
fully equipped
training Centres Al Khoud (Coast)
and at PDO's facilities
in Fahud and Nimr (Interior)

TATI has been a leading defensive driving training provider in Oman since 1999.

Not only does TATI have the largest team of defensive driving instructors in the region and world-class training infrastructure, the institute has also earned a reputation for high quality and thorough professionalism. It moved in 2017 to a custom training facility at Al Khoudh has further enhanced its capabilities and been the subject of even greater customer satisfaction.

TATI also had the distinction of being the only official Defensive Driving Training Provider (DDTP) for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and its contractors. TATI has held this contract since 2009 against stiff competition and PDO is renowned for its high expectations in the HSE field, and road safety in particular (its biggest exposure). TATI has retained its contract under the OPAL banner to deliver the DD training to PDO employees.

The institute is also the preferred partner for other blue-chip companies across the Middle East in developing defensive driving initiatives and advanced 'safe fleet' strategies.



We at TATI are confident that everyone who comes to us for training will not only leave with a higher level of safety and confidence, but will also enjoy the experience of enhancing one of life’s most rewarding and useful skills.

The new skills learned will benefit not just companies, but also the individuals involved, thereby providing benefit to the wider community.


All TATI’s defensive driving instructors hold Fleet Instructor Diploma qualifications - the standard which is required to enable British instructors to enter the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Fleet Trainer Register. This is an upgrade from the earlier accreditation. This means that the quality of our trainers and programmes and their ability to equip clients with better skills have been further enhanced.


Our pricing will always be competitive because we truly believe in delivering the best value for your investment. We fully understand the potential financial and human cost involved in road traffic incidents. Globally, too, research has concluded that driving for work is one of the most dangerous activities. That is why our training programmes are specially structured to minimise the risk by improving driver awareness and promoting responsible driving.


TATI provides training on all vehicle types in order to meet clients’ needs, including light vehicles, tankers, buses and heavy vehicles. Our programmes cater for driving on blacktop and graded roads, as well as 4WD. The TATI team also has special expertise in the area of Safe Journey Management. Packages can also be designed and customised to the specific demands of your business. This could involve theory workshops complemented by behind-the-wheel training, or other combinations of theory and practical input.


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