Training is
delivered at our
fully equipped
training Centres Al Khoud (Coast)
and at PDO's facilities
in Fahud and Nimr (Interior)

TATI has been a leading Defensive Driving Training Provider in the Sultanate of Oman since 1999. Not only does TATI have the largest team of Defensive Driving Instructors in the region and world class training infrastructure, the Institute has also earned a reputation for high quality and thorough professionalism.
Currently TATI is the sole Defensive Driving Training Provider (DDTP) of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
TATI is also a ROSPA- UK approved Training Service provider in Defensive Driving.




Q 1. How can I nominate an employee for an OPAL DD course at TATI?

Q 2. What do I need before I can do an OPAL DD course?

Q 3. How can my company cancel the nomination of an employee on a training course?

Q 4. What happens if an employee does not attend the training course?

Q 5. Why is the SJM (Safe Journey Management) nomination form different to the DD one?

Q 6. Where does TATI deliver the various OPAL DD courses?

Q 7. How long are the courses?

Q 8. What languages are the courses available in?

Q 9. Are these approved courses?

Q 10. What is the dress code for attending a DD course?

Q 11.Is there an assessment at the end of a DD course?

Q 12. What happens if I fail my assessment?

Q 13. What happens if I fail my second assessment?

Q 14. Is retraining subject to additional payment?

Q 15. Who provides heavy vehicles for practical training on DD Courses?

Q 16. How much does each course cost?

Q 17. What is the procedure for booking if my company doesn•t have a credit facility with TATI?

Q 18. Who will pay for the training course?

Q 19. Will TATI provide transport to assist my attendance at a course?

Q 20. Can TATI terminate my training?

Q 21. What does the term ‘No Show’ mean?

Q 22. When and how is the pre-course eyesight test done?

Q 23. Will there be any assessment/test during the training?

Q 24. What proof do I receive that I have completed the training?

Q 25. How long is a Driving Permit valid for?

Q 26. What is the process to renew the OPAL driving permit?

Q 27. If I am an automatic driving licence holder, which DD course should I do?

Q 28. What if the DD permit is not renewed?

Q 29. Can the Driving Permit be renewed with another training institute?

Q 30. How do I contact TATI?

Q 31. Which oil & gas operators does the OPAL DD permit cover?


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