TATI has been a leading Defensive Driving Training Provider in the Sultanate of Oman since 1999. Not only does TATI have the largest team of Defensive Driving Instructors in the region and world class training infrastructure, the Institute has also earned a reputation for high quality and thorough professionalism.
Currently TATI is the sole Defensive Driving Training Provider (DDTP) of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for its own employees, and is also a ROSPA-UK approved Training Service provider in Defensive Driving.


Defensive Driving Training Schedule

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Dec 2021
Nov 2021
Oct 2021


Real Time Seat Availability   |   Price List

If the course date you are looking for is not available, please e-mail TATI.
Although every effort will be made to meet your requirement, it is impossible to do so in every case, so no guarantee is offered.
For any query or information please, contact us.

We, at TATI are confident that everyone who comes to us for training will not only leave with a higher level of safety and confidence, but will also enjoy the experience of enhancing one of life’s most rewarding and useful skills.
The new skills learned will benefit not just companies, but also the individuals involved, thereby providing benefit to the wider community.


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