HSE Training Programs

TATI is one of the leading HSE Training course providers in the Sultanate of Oman.
It is approved by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) as well as DCRP (Oman) for delivering their Programmes.
TATI also offers International courses and short courses suited for all other Industries.

Programs with International Certification

  • IOSH, UK- Managing Safely – Duration 30 hours
  • NEBOSH, UK- International General Certificate- Duration 80 hours

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) approved Programmes

OPAL (Effective from 01/06/2022)-OPAL HSE TRAINING PROGRAMS

  • HSEI       HSE Induction
  • H2SI       H2S Awareness and Escape (initial)
  • H2SR      H2S Awareness and Escape (Refresher)

PDO LEVEL-1 (Effective from 15/03/2021)-PDO HSE TRAINING PROGRAMS

  • EA           Environmental Awareness
  • FW          Fire Warden
  • SCBA     Self-contained Breathing Apparatus & Confined Space Entry
  • SCBAR   Self-contained Breathing Apparatus & Confined Space Rescue Recertification
  • AHAF     AHA Heart saver/First Aid

PDO LEVEL-2     (Effective from 15/03/2021)- PDO HSE TRAINING PROGRAMS

  • NORMM              Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Management
  • NORMMR           Naturally occurring Radioactive Materials Management Reassessment
  • HII                        HSE Incident Investigation
  • PTWH                  Permit to Work Holder
  • PTWHR               Permit to Work Holder Recertification
  • PTWS                  Permit to Work Signatories
  • PTWSR               Permit to Work Signatories Recertification
  • HSELFS              HSE-LFS for Frontline Supervisors
  • HSELFSR           HSE-LFS for Frontline Supervisors Refresher

DCRP (Distribution Code Review Panel) Oman Courses

    • DCRP-IND            HSE Induction
    • DCRP-AHA          AHA Heartsaver/First Aid
    • DCRP-FW             Fire Warden
    • DCRP-ESR            Electrical Safety, Rules & Regulations
    • DCRP-SLM           Safety Leadership for Managers
    • DCRP-IAI              Incident & Accident Investigation
    • DCRP-OES4         Oman Electrical Standard 4

    Customer Specific Courses

    • TATI-IND              HSE Induction
    • TATI-IFR               Initial Fire Response/Fire Fighting
    • TATI-FW               Fire Warden
    • TATI-IFR & FW   Initial Fire Response/Fire Fighting & Fire Warden
    • TATI-H2S              H2S/SO2 Awareness & Escape
    • TATI-BFA              Basic First Aid & CPR
    • TATI- RA               Risk Assessment
    • TATI-CHA             Chemical Handling Awareness
    • TATI-AHA            AHA Heartsaver/First Aid
    • TATI-AGT             Authorised Gas Testing Awareness
    • TATI-AGT             Authorised Gas Testing Awareness [2DAYS]
    • TATI-CS                Confined Space Awareness
    • TATI-SCBA           Self-contained Breathing Apparatus & Confined Space Rescue
    • TATI-EA                Environmental Awareness
    • TATI-WAH[T]      Working At Height [Theoretical]
    • TATI-WAH           Working At Height [1 day]
    • TATI-WAH           Working At Height [2 days] 
    • TATI-SLM            Safety Leadership for Managers
    • TATI-BBS             Behavioural-Based Safety
    • TATI-LOTO          Lock Out and Tag Out