From the Desk of MD

Technical and Administrative Training Institute (TATI) continues to perform in line with the philosophy and mission established by the founders. The management has also followed a process of constant review and evaluation of performance for the last Thirty years. This, in fact, has enabled TATI to improve the level of training, manpower recruitment, consultation and the quality of support services that it provides to the private sector in the Sultanate, especially in the areas of contracting, oil & gas industries and the commercial sector.

The training institute continues its affirmed commitment to implement government plans for training, creating job opportunities for Omanis, developing and recruiting professional manpower and rendering support to achieve these goals through an effective partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and  Ministry of Labour, private sector establishments and other training institutes. TATI from the outset has been working on the development of various training programmes specifically designed to suit company requirements while giving advice and guidelines to the youth of Oman who wish to join the private sector.

TATI blends international and modern trends and ideas in the area of training and development in a manner that is appropriate for local requirements. Our training programmes aim to train and develop trainees to reach the highest level possible in their chosen vocation. The training outcomes are continually assessed by various awarding bodies and training audit organizations against international standards pertaining to the goals of the training programmes.

In addition to providing distinguished services and support, TATI has developed strong links with the private sector which are based on mutual commitment and trust. In conclusion, TATI creates and maintains an atmosphere fully conducive to professional training and development. We take this opportunity to repledge our commitments to developing Oman.