FAQs : Manpower Services

You will be under the employment contract of TATI as per the rules and regulations of Ministry of Manpower.

The Colleges of Technology and The Higher Colleges of Technology.

It is a prerequisite as per the Oman Labor Law. Unless we receive a medically FIT certificate from an approved
GAMCA centre, we cannot apply for the VISA.

GAMCA stands for - GCC Approved Medical Centers Association. GAMCA has approved clinics across the globe
for people to have a medical checkup prior to travel to the Gulf region.

The degrees need to be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MoEA), India and the Oman Embassy
in India. The degrees need to be attested to avoid fraud and duplication.


Minimum six (6) months.

Minimum, 15-20 working days.

You can apply for a family VISA after completing 3 months prohibition.

A Resident card acts like an ID card for you. Without the resident card you cannot avail of any of the facilities
in Oman, from a telephone card to a driving license.

Within 10 days.