Working In Oman

The Gulf countries are popular choices for overseas workers as endless opportunities open up for employment. However, located in the southeastern quarter of the Arabian Peninsula, with its perfect combination of cultural charm and economic advancement, one country is rising as a prime work destination - the Sultanate of Oman.

With an estimated population of 3.3M, more than half a million are guest workers, a testament to the thriving foreign worker community in the country. Many expatriates have commented on the warmth and graciousness of the Omanis. They are remarkably hospitable people. They enjoy good living standards and have a high literacy rate. Though Arabic is the main language spoken, English is widely used as a second language. An important facet of Omani legislature is the freedom of religion. Oman is a Muslim country and citizens abide by the Shari`a law, however, Christians, Hindus and people of other religious backgrounds are free to practice their faith.

Oman has breath-taking and unique geography, from mountains and wadis to sandy beaches! Adding to the Omani charm is the preservation of their cultural mark even in rapidly growing business centers; easily noticeable feature of its business hubs is the absence of metal and glass skyscrapers. In place, traditional stout white-washed buildings line the streets, dotted with ornate mosques, maintaining Oman`s old-world charm in the midst of its progress. Exploring Oman is as exciting as it is plentiful.

The successful preservation of Oman`s cultural richness reflects the country`s vision and determination in achieving its goals. In recent years, the Sultanate of Oman stepped up its efforts to re-vitalize its economic, social development and labor force potential. The Ministry of Manpower spearheads an important program in bringing Oman up to par with other developed countries as it enters the Information Millennium, particularly the development and improvement of the skill sets of its locals.

In this light, an influx of highly qualified instructors and lecturers are required to help in this mission. For reasons ranging from career advancement, professional challenge, financial compensation, to cultural experience, Oman is welcoming the interest of more and more hopeful candidates who would like to be a part of their exciting transformation. One of the meanings of "Oman" is to `settle on a place`; true enough, the Sultanate of Oman has lived up to its name as a top work destination, attracting more and more people to its land with quite a few even staying for good.

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