Man Power Services

  • Technical & Administrative Training Institute
    Al Khuwair, Near Centrepoint
    P.O Box 337, P.C.115
    Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Sultanate of Oman
  • Tel: +968 2469 3767 / 68 | 2460 5086
  • Fax: +968 2469 3765

With more than 500 employees staffed to various clients, TATI-Manpower services offers expertise in the area of workforce development and management. Our consistent high quality of service has earned us the reputation of being the company of choice providing services that focus on the needs of the employers and the job seekers in the Gulf region. Guided by our objectives that all services we offer should be geared to improving a company`s profitability and the quality of working life, we invite you to join our growing list of partners that we have built relationships with.
Manpower Services is a domain-led consulting firm focused on diverse industries. Our strength lies in our ability to combine a strong understanding of our clients` requirements with our expertise to deliver the right person for the right job.
Manpower Services has a proven track record in delivering end-to-end solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.